Business Plan

Equal business opportunity for all those who get associated with RLW

9 Types of RLW Success Business Plan

1. Retail Profit

Retail refers to the activity of selling goods or services directly to consumers or end-users. Some retailers may sell to business customers, and such sales are termed non-retail activity.

MRP. - SP = Profit

Example: 175 - 150 = Rs. 25

The retail supply chain generally consists of four players: manufacturers who produce the goods, wholesalers or distributors who buy from manufacturers and resell to retailers, and retailers who buy from wholesalers and then sell to consumers. At each step in the chain there is a markup, or profit margin, built in to the purchase. Manufacturers calculate their cost of making a product and then add on a profit percentage before selling to wholesalers. Wholesalers do the same thing, adding a profit percentage to what they paid for the products. And retailers add their own profit margin to the cost of the product before selling it to their end customer, the user.

2. Running Bonus ( Two Direct Sale is Compulsory )

Direct Selling is an alternate form of distributing products and services. Instead of using traditional distribution channel ( manufacturer —distributor —wholesaler —retailer —consumer ), Direct Selling companies sell their prod-ucts and services directly to consumers. That is why it is called ‘Direct Selling’.

1 : 1 = 800 (2,400 Per Day)

1 PV = 4,000

When these consumers or customers like their products and services, naturally they start sharing it with others. Direct Selling companies pay you when people buy their products and services from your recommendation.

But the awesomeness doesn’t stop there, you are given an option to build a team of distributors ( generally consisting of happy consumers recommended by you and those you recommend and those they recommend and so on … ). Contrary to common misconception, you are not paid to recruit people, you are paid depending on the total sales volume generated by your entire team. Instead of spending money on traditional advertisements & other marketing methods, Direct Selling companies rewards their consumers turned distributors for their word of mouth advertisement effort. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the clear definition of this industry, and frequently confuse it with pyramid schemes recruiting people to earn money.

3. TEAM BONUS - 20%
2 Leg accumulated Generation Plan
Carry Forward System

Two Direct Sell up to 1,000 RV is Compulsory from your ID.

4. Direct Success 20%

आप जिसको भी अपनी आई.डी. से किसी भी तरफ डायरेक्ट ज्वाइन कराते हैं उसकी टीम बोनस का 20ः आपको जायेगा। इस तरह आप अपनी आई.डी. से बहुत सारे लोगों को डायरेक्ट ज्वाइन करा सकते हैं।

5. Leadership 15%

Leadership Bonus (LOB) is payble to star director and above for LOB qualifiers must have personal purchase of 500 RV & maintain 3000 GRV both side in current month than LOB calculated.

6. Travel Fund 2%

Real Life Wellness ( RLW ) provide a travel fund from silver director and above. the Travel Fund allocated 2% of company monthly turnover for sharing system. Travel fund 10,000 GRV both side earned by qualifiers. Travel Fund will be calculate each month for the following formula.

Note:- The Travel Found is to be used for travel trips announced by the company.

7. Car Fund 3 %

Car fund 3% RV both side earned by qualifiers. CF will be calculated each month for the following formula.

Note:- 1. The CF fund may also use for Business development getting approval from the company
2. RLW Distributor qualifying for the CF has purchase a car after an ap-proval from the company.

8. House Fund 3%

House fund 25,000 GRV both side earned by qualifiers. HF will be calculated each month for the following formula.

9. Royalty 4%

Real life wellness ( RLW ) provide a Royalty to crown director and above the Royalty allocats 4% of company monthly sale. Royalty will be calculated as per formula.

Please read carefully RLW Code of Conduct :

>> Two Direct Sale 1 Left side 1 Right side upto 1,000 RV is compulsory for all income.
>> Upto silver Rs. 5,00 than 1,000 every month repurchase is compulso-ry.
>> Every month last date auto closing midnight for TF, CF, HF.
>> Which associate do not repurchase within two week on self ID com-mission will be laps.
>> upto two month continue which distributor have not purchase on self ID than automatic ID shall be blocked.